SolarBuddy: The Hour of Power

A brand-new event to the Swiss market, this highly powerful collaborative activity will see your attendees tasked with assembling a solar-powered light for distribution to children living in countries of extreme energy poverty, specifically in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.



The statistics regarding the number of people worldwide who are living in energy poverty – defined as people with no access to safe and reliable sources of lighting – are truly shocking, and this collaborative group-based activity seeks to impact this one light at a time.

SolarBuddy are an Australian-based company and registered charity, and the Paint It Easy team is honoured to be the exclusive Swiss provider for this team-building activity for the corporate market.



Experience an impactful team-building event addressing energy poverty. Engage in a powerful presentation on its effects, assemble personalized SolarBuddy lights, and write letters connecting with children in need (optionally, paint your personalized cards). Your participation contributes to a collaborative, positive, and educational initiative, delivering a real impact with a high Social Return on Investment (SROI).


  • Ab 69 € pro Person
  • Von 10 bis 1000 Personen


Folgende Leistungen sind im Preis inklusive:

* Presenter and Facilitators

* Solar Light Per Person

* A letter to the child receiving the light. Optionally, the team can offer guidance to inspire and bring creative ideas to life, which can be delivered along with the lights

* Distribution of lights to children living in energy poverty, even in the most remote areas of the planet

* SolarBuddy offer reparation services and provide a 10-year warranty on the lights. Additionally, they ensure environmentally friendly disposal of both the lights and batteries at the end of their life cycle.


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